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Rosali Peccia — 8 Tech Gifts For The 8 Types of People In Your Life

by Rosali Peccia December 08, 2016

Rosali Peccia — 8 Tech Gifts For The 8 Types of People In Your Life

Rosali Peccia, Copywriter

We all know that one person that sort of leaves a lasting impression on your mind. Maybe it’s their affinity towards cats, their ability to go into the office on weekends, or their commitment to updating the world of Facebook on their political views, one post at a time. Whoever you thought of, there’s a special (and practical) gift our there for that special someone. So, if you’re still looking for a unique gift this holiday season, LOGiiX™ is here to help you out with 8 Tech Gifts for the 8 Types of People In Your Life.

The Artist

Creativity runs through their blood. The Artist always seems to add an aesthetic touch to everything they do. Now they can literally do just that. The Color Shield Macbook® Keyboard Protector comes in four vibrant shades, to both inspire and embody their creativity. Plus, it’s resistant coating ensures a clean workspace, no matter what materials they’re working with. Oh…and they can wash it too.


The Cat Lover

Anyone who owns a cat knows, there’s something about those feline fur-balls that can’t keep them away from anything long and dangly. Every cat owner has experienced the battle of weening off their pet from playing with their charging wire. Luckily, the Piston Power Qi requires no wire. The Cat Lover can simply place their QI-enabled phone on the charging pad and let the tech do the rest. And with anti-slip pads on both the top and bottom, those paws will surely find something better to play with.

 The Avid Reader

This is the guy or gal you catch on the train, deeply immersed in their tablet. But don’t judge a book by its cover, because it’s not Candy Crush that has them hooked. The Avid Reader takes every opportunity to catch up on literature. The Universal Folio Slim for Tablets lets the Avid Reader keep all their ebooks safe in one durable and lightweight case, no matter where they choose to dive in.

The Workaholic

Works hard, plays hard. Often glued to their computer, the Workaholic is always working on something, and often many things at once. With most computers only supporting 2 USB ports, the 4 Port Desktop Hub is a blessing. Gone are the days where one would sacrifice one drive for another. Increasing productivity and freeing up space, this is the workaholics most favourable business associate.   

The Socialite  

At one time, being a social butterfly meant being able to float from one social event to another. Nowadays, it’s about floating from one social app to the next. The socialite spends a ton of time online, sifting through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Aircraft Shell (for iPhone and Samsung), is made with an aluminum back to support their device through each scroll. Not to mention, it’s available in an array of eye-catching tones, to match their extroverted nature.

 The Traveler

Never without a bag, and always on the go. The Traveler rarely spends too much time in one place. The Piston Power Pro 6000 has a 6000 mAh battery to charge most smartphones up to 3.5 times, or tablets up to 1.5 times. Plus, it’s thin design takes up no room, bringing them the comforts of home, away from home. 

The Alpha Mom

Is there anything she can’t do? The Alpha Mom can juggle her kids, her home, and her social life, and look great doing it. So it’s only right she deserves a tool as multi-functional as she is. The Blue Piston Nomad is a wireless speaker, a selfie remote, and mini MP3 player all in one! From Sesame Street to Pilates, she can load all her favourite music, then play them directly on the device, while capturing each of these moments with the click of a button.

photo credit: Arissa

The Alpha Dad

Being a great parent is not just for moms. Between work, family, and being handy around the home, The Alpha Dad is a real hero. So naturally, he could use an extra super power to compliment his day-to-day. The Smart Connect™ turns any devices into a Bluetooth capable one. Whether he’s commuting from work, feeding the baby, or raking the leaves, this genius device allows the audio to follow this super hero, anywhere he goes.

Check out our full catalogue for even more gift giving inspo this holiday season and let us know what’s on your wish list!


Rosali Peccia
Rosali Peccia