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Rosali Peccia - Your Best Pals, Are Your Gym Pals

by Rosali Peccia January 31, 2017

Rosali Peccia - Your Best Pals, Are Your Gym Pals

The Best Pals, Are Gym Pals

Rosali Peccia, Copywriter

Okay admit it, you made a list of “New Year New Me” resolutions this year and you’re finding them as easy to follow as that cardio-dance fusion class you tried earlier this month.

With so many people looking to reach new fitness goals in the new year, it’s no wonder that new gym memberships skyrocket and suddenly you notice that retailers across the nation are showcasing their incredibly appealing new line of workout clothes.

So it’s (un)official. January is undoubtedly “Get Into Shape” month (hence our “How To Stop Running Away From Your Resolutions” blog). Whether you’re running, using machinery, of pumping iron, staying on routine in February, can be a helluva lot easier when you have a few gym pals to keep you there.

So without further ado, say hello to your new gym pals:

Your Biggest Fan

It’s been 10 minutes on the elliptical and you’re already drenched. While sweating is a sign of a good workout, it can feel super uncomfortable and even tempt your surrender. But don’t wave that white flag just yet. If you’re a fan of the elliptical, cycle, or treadmill, the USB Fan Twister is rooting for you.

LOGiiX Fitness Gym Pal

The fan head rotates 360 degrees, keeping you cool from all angles. Simply plug into your battery pack, and clip onto your machine. This gym pal has your back (and neck).

Your Best Buds

If the combination of Top 40, eavesdropping, and continuous clinking and clanking, sounds uninteresting, chances are your workout will be the same. Rather than succumbing to the sounds of your gym, get motivated with the beats that will pump up both you and your heart.

LOGiiX Fitness Gym Pal

With noise-isolating technology, the Blue Piston tuneFRĒQS 360 Bluetooth keeps your tunes flowing with each rep. The silicone earbud tips keep your buds in place, so you don’t have to worry about slippage while you lift those weights. These little guys bring a whole new meaning to “gym buds”.

Your Sole Mate

If you’ve actually started running over the last few weeks, you probably found about 1 good place to keep your phone while you do. On your nightstand. With all that bouncing, running leaves little room for equipment. But, with the Flexband, you can safely bring your phone along with you, opening up a whole new world of ways to track your progress.

LOGiiX Fitness Gym Pal

It comes with a neat little pocket to store your cards and keys. And it's made with water resistant lycra blend that’s both washable and water resistant. When this multifunctional armband meets your running shoes, it’s like a match made in heaven.


Do you have a gym pal? Tell us what (or who) keeps you motivated in the comments below!

Rosali Peccia
Rosali Peccia


Copywriter / Blogger