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A Techie's Guide to Participating in Earth Hour

by Rosali Peccia March 25, 2017

A Techie's Guide to Participating in Earth Hour

Rosali Peccia, Copywriter

As a tech company, there’s no denying we are pretty much attached to our phones, laptops, tablets, and what-have-you. We obviously adore our accessories too, but during Earth Hour, it’s important to unplug not just for the sake of the environment, but for all the fun things you actually can do!

And with the 10th annual Earth Hour taking place today, we thought it was only fitting to come up with 10 awesome things you can do during those 60 minutes sans electricity. So grab a pen and paper and keep reading to find out what you can do between 8:30 - 9:30 PM tonight:


  • 1. Read

  • Your Kindle has been getting loads of love, but your paperbacks aren't too happy. When’s the last time you checked out a book from the library? You never know what gems are hiding among those stacks. So kick back, relax, and crack open a spine. Besides, there’s something about flipping through real pages that is undeniably satisfying.

  • 2. Go for a walk

  • If you’re blessed with good weather, why not go for a stroll. It’s an excuse to exercise and meditate with your thoughts. Or coordinate with a buddy and have that long-overdue catch up you’ve both been meaning to plan.

  • 3. Test out those scented candles

    You’re not expected to sit around in complete darkness. Immerse yourself into the pleasant scents of Mediterranean Lavender, Hawaiian Breeze, or Citrus Squeeze.


    4. Step up the romance 

    Turn the spark back on with an ultra-romantic candle lit dinner.

  • 5. Make treats a la tea-light

  • Candles are not just for ambiance. Throw some marshmallows on a skewer and relive those nights by the campfire, or warm up some delicious fondue like you’re in a 60’s cocktail party.

  • 6. Gaze at the stars

  • Can you identify the Big Dipper? The Milky Way? Mars? We can’t either, but there’s something enchanting about that big black ocean of emptiness.

  • 7. Play a board game

  • Because who doesn’t love a good old game of Monopoly (sure, owning a property seems far-fetched, but hey at least you can pretend to).

  • 8. Give yourself a facial

  • No one can see you anyway, so why not give your skin a little love with a mask (even if it means being covered in green goop for an hour).


    9. Play with glowsticks

  • Relive those rave days, minus the raving. See what sorts of optical illusions you can get up too.


  • 10. Take your fingers to new terrain

    When’s the last time you wrote a handwritten letter to your pal overseas? How about actually using that colouring book that’s been sitting on your shelf for months? Take a break from scrolling and give your fingers (and mind) a whole new world to explore.  

  • If all else fails, you could always take a well-deserved nap. How will you be spending Earth Hour this year? Share with us in the comments below (but not between 8:30 - 9:30 PM!)

  • Rosali Peccia
    Rosali Peccia


    Copywriter / Blogger