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Jillian Harris — Diaper Bag Essentials

by LOGiiX Marketing September 26, 2016

Jillian Harris — Diaper Bag Essentials

Jillian Harris — Diaper Bag Essentials


As I was cautioned many times in the past … once you have a child, your needs take the back burner and it becomes all about the baby! Well, isn’t that the truth (for the most part, anyway lol)!! Which is why instead of sharing my ‘Wardrobe Essentials’ today, I’m going to be sharing my diaper bag essentials and all of the goodies inside it that I can’t live without!! That’s right! I realize that this might not be helpful for ALL of you, but I have been getting so many requests for more posts on ‘baby stuff’!!! I’ve come to realize that the diaper bag is a pretty important one.

Ok … so maybe it’s just me but at this age I am finding Leo needs way less in his diaper bag than I originally thought and originally packed … I’m not even REALLY using a diaper bag … I have been using my ToteSavvy organizer in my Dooney & Bourke Tote Bag or my Barrington Tote Bag (see below!!).  For right now, these totes hold everything I need including my smaller Barrington Accessory Case for my makeup, deodorant, face wipes … you know … for those midday melt downs lol!!
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I like to pump throughout the day whenever I can as I’m stock piling a huge reserve of milk for when I go back to work (and I’ve just discovered ‘dream feeding’) so when my boobs start to well up mid day, and I know I’ve got some time before leo’s next feed… I pump!  I have the Medela handsfree pump, but this little Avent manual pump is AMAZING…I keep it on my bedside table so I can pump in the middle of the night too! When Leo only drains one boob and then falls asleep, I pump the other one and go put it in the fridge!

I am also LOVE my Glitter and Spice soother holder, I would probably go insane if I had to pick up his soother every time he dropped it!! You can actually customize your own teething necklace and pacifier clip right on there website!! Check it out here. Another one of my favourite items to have when changing diapers is the Saje Wellness ‘Safe Hands’ lotion. It smells amazing, is all natural, sanitizes my hands and doubles as a moisturizer. AMAZING right?!? They also have some great energizing mists that I love using on those crazy long days!!

Kapuluan Coconut is a genius coconut oil packaged into a nice clean little squeeze bottle! We love using coconut oil for everything (including cooking!) and even though Leo hasn’t had any diaper rash yet, we always use a little on him ensure poop doesn’t stick to his little tush!  A perfect multi-purpose product as it is also great for chapped skin, lip balm, the works!

As with the hospital bag, it can be easy to over pack the diaper bag with all those ‘just in case’ items. I try to keep mine to a minimum and find multi-purpose products so I can find everything I need easily and avoid unnecessary frustrations!! So what else is inside you ask??? It’s all right here…
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