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WONDER OF TECH — Top Tech Gifts for Mothers (and For You?)

by LOGiiX Marketing May 05, 2016

WONDER OF TECH — Top Tech Gifts for Mothers (and For You?)

Moms can be tough to buy for, unless you think tech gifts. That’s right, mothers don’t like to admit it, but we’re all tech geeks.

Okay, maybe not all mothers are tech geeks. But these fun and useful tech gifts can bring joy to moms every day.

You may even find something for yourself. Hey, you deserve a tech gift!

Logiix Gifts

Logiix is a company that makes stylish tech gadgets and accessories that are fashionable and functional. Who said tech had to be ugly?

I was lent some tech accessories from Logiix to review as gifts for this article.

Piston Connect 360

Charging cables are always welcome gifts and durable charging cables are especially useful. The Piston Connect 360 is a charging cable for iPhones and iPads that comes in four colors. Logiix sent me the rose gold one, which matches well with the rose gold iPhones.

PistonConnect, Cable, Charger

Piston Disc

If your mom likes to use a stylus with her devices, check out the Piston Disc. This aluminum stylus has a textured grip and feels solid in the hand.

The unique feature of this stylus is the disc that covers the tip, for better precision. I tested this stylus on the iPhone Notes app and was impressed with the accuracy of it.

A twist of the stylus retracts the disc so it’s flush with the end of the stylus.

The Piston Disc is available from Logiix for $29.99.

Piston Power Slim 360

The Piston Power Slim 360 gives extra power on the go. This 5000 mAh battery is powerful enough to charge most phones up to three times on a single charge.

Although this battery is powerful, it’s also slim and light. The Piston Power Slim 360 has indicator lights to show you how much charge is left on the battery.


It comes with a microUSB cable you can use to charge the battery and also use to charge your Android or Fire devices from the battery. You can also attach a lightning cable to charge your iPhone or iPad.

This video from Logiix shows how the battery works:

The Piston Power Slim 360 is available in four colors from Logiix for $49.99.

Blue Piston

The Blue Piston is a speaker from Logiix that can be blue, but also comes in 13 other colors. This speaker can connect via Bluetooth or cable to your music source, such as your computer, phone or tablet.

The Blue Piston has a microphone to use as a speakerphone or for voice commands for your phone or tablet. You can charge the speaker to use it when you’re away from an outlet.

Blue Piston, Speaker

The speaker comes with a carrying pouch, a USB cord for charging, and a cord you can plug into your phone’s headphone jack to connect the sound.

At 2 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall the speaker is compact but pumps out a powerful sound. The exterior is military-grade brushed aluminum and has a non-slip base.

The Blue Piston is available from Logiix for $49.99.


LOGiiX Marketing
LOGiiX Marketing


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