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Who We Are

We are a techy company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Why do we do what we do? Well, it all started in 2005, when tech accessories were plain, complicated and boring. Everything was black and white, or grey, and had no personality or emotion. We wanted to change that; and we did. We were inspired by bringing life into these mobile accessories — we wanted products that were different. With innovative ideas, creative colours, and a passion, LOGiiX™ was born. Our products had a glow; people were intrigued by the style and our story began. Today, we are a small team of passionate, driven individuals, who all bring inspiration to the brand.

What We Do

LOGiiX™ manufactures and delivers innovative and affordable mobile tech products. Widely known for our colours and fashionable consumer electronics, we sell cases for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Microsoft laptop, and Android devices. On top of that, quality portable chargers, bluetooth adapters, wireless portable speakers, car audio, tablet solutions, power cables, and more mobile accessories.

What We Believe

We believe in creating products that express personality, and simplifying your life. By rethinking every product, we reinvent tech accessories to be colourful, bold, smart and in-line with consumer needs. We exist because we believe tech should be fun and enhance your life.

Where To Find Us

Our website (www.logiix.net) and many of today’s top retailer stores such as: London Drugs, iStore, Rogers, Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Staples, The Shopping Channel, Amazon and more.